DISCLAIMER! The word sex will be used a number of times in this article. If you are uncomfortable by its use then I do recommend that you read all the way to the end as it may change your perspective. Now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way let’s talk about sex! Sex is a powerful three-letter word that once uttered sends many into a frenzy.

It is almost three decades since Salt-N-Pepa dared us to have a conversation about sex but interestingly, sex still remains a very taboo subject. We as a society have gotten very familiar with sex, it is practically everywhere. Yet it puzzles me why we are silent when it comes to talking about sex and its consequences.  It is almost as if we forget that we are all here because of sex.

We have seen the movies, watched the shows, heard the songs and many want to engage in it. However, many become despondent and closed off when the conversation is to be had. The fact is, our society has not held back on portraying the act of sex as a norm. Moreover, we treat sex as the trend that never went out of style, as the thing to do.

The problem however has been, that our young people and adults are being influenced by social media, television, the internet and even peers and unfortunately, these influences are not always positive. Most of these mediums do not aim to educate adolescents or adults on sex and its consequences but instead just seek to glorify it.

Further, some adults pretend that adolescents are not thinking of, or even engaging in sex. Some adults even believe that if we talk to adolescents about sex that we would be encouraging them to engage in sex. Sadly, this kind of thinking has led to a generation who prefer to have sex in secret. The outcomes are numerous and the consequences for our youths are dire.

For example most parents are not aware their children are having sex because they fail to build that trust and have those “awkward” conversations. Most parents actually find out of their child’s sexual activity when their daughters either become pregnant or sons get someone pregnant. The thing is abstinence from talking about sex have not led to a decrease in young people abstaining from sex.

Sadly, and according to the World Health Organization fact sheet 2018:

Every year, an estimated 21 million girls aged 15 to 19 years, and 2 million girls aged under 15 years become pregnant in developing regions.

If this does not cause you to want to get involve in the conversation then we are reaching a deadly climax. While teenage pregnancy is one of the most concerning effects of sex other dire consequences includes STI’s, early school drop-outs, mental health issues, and poverty.

This is why we cannot deny the impact sexual education has on our societies and our young people. Statistics have shown that adolescents who were appropriately educated on sex were less likely to engage in unprotected sex and in risky sexual behaviors. Further, sex education actually delay first sexual encounters for many adolescents.

Hence, it is an important conversation that needs to be had by both adults and adolescents.  The resulting dialogue will lead to adults being readily informed. This will lead to adults who are having healthy sexual relationships. As a result, they can in turn be able to provide adolescents with all the information they need to make informed decisions as it relates to sex and protecting themselves.

Sex is pleasurable no doubt but it is time we get on top of things because at the end of the day if we do not that pleasure becomes a nightmare. So come let’s start a conversation and you can Tell Me About Sex!



5 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX!

  1. Gr8 article! Once the taboo aspect is eliminated and parents especially comes to term with the importance of being honest (what is morally right or wrong etc) with their children , teen pregnancies, STI’s etc will decrease.

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